Doin’ The Detox

Hey there! It’s Katey again. 🙂

Well, here I am at the ph360 Gold Coast Retreat. And what an adventure it has been so far! It is a lovely group of people attending the retreat, as well as the fantastic ph360 staff. I am just stunned at the detailed, personalized experience they are providing for each attendee, aka “peep”.

On the first night we met with each of the ph360 practitioners to discuss what our goals were and what we wanted to get out of each of the sessions we would receive each day. From a registered massage therapist, to a dietician, to a personal trainer, I truly felt like the practitioners were listening attentively to ensure our experience was exactly what we wanted. And boy, have they delivered.


Did you know not everyone should do a detox?

I had my suspicions that doing juice cleanses, fasts, and detoxes wasn’t the best idea for everyone. It didn’t feel like it was a one-size-fits-all solution, though cleanses certainly are popular these days.

I’m not sure about other parts of the world, but juice bars are the new coffee shops popping up on almost every street corner in Vancouver and offering their version of the latest 3-5-7-10 Day Juice Cleanse.

After careful analysis of my current ph360 profile and a face-to-face interview, the on-site Dietician, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, it was determined that my body has a difficult time releasing toxins from my system. A detox, if I felt I was up for it, would be beneficial for my body at this time. Apparently my body type has the longest digestive tract (oh boy- lucky me?), and giving my digestive system a break to heal and clean out any residual food that may be causing me some tummy discomfort could really help me.


5 Factors Affecting My Decision to do a Detox You Should Consider, Too

Beyond analyzing my physical body measurements, there were other factors that came into play when the detox was recommended:

1. I was mentally prepared – I came to the Retreat with the mindset that I knew I needed help re-setting my system. If the professionals were recommending a detox, I was down for it, too.

2. I had done detoxes before – I knew what doing a detox entailed and how my body may respond. It isn’t always pretty, but it is was always worth it in the end.

3. I had a support network – I knew I was in good hands and had an awesome support group around me and I felt extremely comfortable in the competency of the team surrounding me during the detox.

4. I was in the right climate for my body type – I found out from my ph360 profile, that my body operates best when it is in a dry, warm climate. Just a little different than the cool, wet climate where I reside in Vancouver. No wonder I usually wake up with stiff-achy joints at home! This made so much sense!

5. All liquids were made from scratch – Of course this isn’t possible all the time, but I was fortunate enough to have a personal chef create fresh broth everyday while at the retreat. He was using it to create many other dishes for the other retreaters, but he controlled the quality of ingredients, sodium, preservatives and additives (which of course there were none), etc. I have made my own broth at home before and it is surprisingly simple once you do it a couple of times.

So far, so good as I am about 4 days in. Stay tuned for my next update to see if I am just as cheerful!

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