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Shae and ph360 are fascinating tools that, at times, feel like they know me better than I know myself. I have now landed in beautiful Bali, Indonesia and what an intriguing place it is. The landscape, the people, the food is full of life and happiness. This was my view from my Air BnB pad – gorgeous, isn’t it? You know how much I love nature from my last blog post.

Flying Solo

I have now been a solo traveler for about 3 and a half weeks. When I originally booked my trip, I couldn’t wait to get away and have some alone time. I felt I needed some “me time” and space to just “be” for awhile. For the first couple of weeks, being alone was fabulous. I could wake up when I wanted, go to bed when I wanted to, interact with people as little or as much as I wanted to – I was in complete control of me and my time. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

One area I originally couldn’t wrap my brain around, was the “Social” part of my profile. As a Guardian biotrend (check here for a short quiz to learn a little bit about what biotrend you may be ), I learned that my social life is one of the most important factors for my health. It is a top priority and highly influential on my overall health due to the sensitivity my system has to the hormones that are released when I am around my loved ones.

But, I resisted this information. I liked being an introvert and all by myself. Yes, I loved being around family and friends, but I truly loved being by myself. I didn’t need to be around others. I was all I needed. But deep down inside, I think I was a little nervous that I had booked a trip where I was going to be alone for over a month when I had never been alone for that length of time before.

Shae can be comforting and confronting all at once

But here I was, almost a month into my solo trip, and I was lonely. As much as I enjoyed having complete control over my time, I was longing for some friendly chit chats with like-minded, down to earth, authentic-type of people whom I like to spend time with.

After going through my Shae ph360 profile to get to know my health tendencies, I now realize just how much energy and effort I have put into the story I created and told myself that I like being alone, when actually, the point wasn’t that I like being alone, but I like being around like-minded people. Maybe it was less about not being around people, but finding more people I wanted to be around.

t felt a little daunting to think that I had put so much energy and effort into carving out some alone time, and once it arrived and I was living it, it didn’t feel right. Thank goodness I have a friend coming to join up with me in about 10 days! Phew!

The ph360 Connection

I am also a little exasperated that I booked this trip to give me time to focus on my health. And now I realize that being alone isn’t the best situation for my health. Awwww, man! But I am able to get my social time in because I am currently taking the ph360 Elite Coaches Program which connects online once a week, with homework requiring some partner work being a saving grace for my social needs.

I also had a chance to meet up with ph360 Founder and all-round amazing and inspiring man, Mr Matt Riemann! He and Bex were in Bali and we discovered we were staying just 25 mins apart from each other. So much fun! The Guardian in me couldn’t wait to connect with this Crusader even if it meant we talked about work the whole time – I will take what I can get! Ha ha.

Shae and ph360 are not only providing this amazing program to find out more about myself, but connecting with the ph360 community in so many different ways is elevating my health in-and-of-itself. What a lucky lady I am!

Have you taken a look at your Social needs? Are you maximizing the opportunities to connect with the ph360 community? There’s Retreats, Coaching Conferences, Information Sessions, Facebook Groups, and more happening both online and all around the world.

Get connected! Your health will thank you! 🙂

Until next time…#shaelife

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