A Health Coach’s Story

It happened to me, and I am not the only one. I ate only organic food, I ate a vegetarian diet and I added in essential fatty acids, superfoods like cacao, maca powder, hemp seeds and kale by the handfuls. I ate the best diet you can imagine, but I wasn’t well. As a matter of fact, I was getting sicker even though it was all organic. I am not alone. Many people come to me now that I’m a health coach and they have a similar story to mine. They are trying every ‘healthy’ thing out there, but they are not feeling better.

The truth is that is doesn’t matter if you are eating organic when you are not eating the right foods for your body. Two years ago I learned why my super diet was not helping me get well. My best friend told me about a new online health program and asked if I wanted to be a beta tester for ph360. The ph stands for personalized health. I decided to try it.

I learned so much about eating that I never knew before. The company had a resources page online with videos about the sciences used to calculate the diet of each person on an individual basis. The biggest thing that I learned was that we are not all the same and the correct diet varies for each person, by season, by age and is based on our current state of health. There were reasons why the program suggested that I don’t eat so much raw kale which thickens the blood and can be difficult to break down.

In addition to the kale dilemma, I was not eating enough animal protein for my body. Like a lot of other people, I jumped on the cause to save the animals and stop the inhumane way that we treat them before we eat them. I reduced my animal products to almost nil. But my body suffered. I learned that I am a mesomorph which means that I have a very fast digestion with high stomach acid. My digestive system blows through fruit and veggies like water. Well maybe not that fast, but I digest them quickly. Animal proteins, as it turns out, are good for me. I would not have guessed it. But as a beta tester, I tried the recommended diet for me and my energy increased and several symptoms disappeared including acne. You wouldn’t think an organic girl eating lots of kale would have acne, but I did and it went away when I changed my diet.

The ph360 program also suggested that I live at a lower altitude and a warmer climate. I made this change too and suddenly I felt stronger than ever. I became a health coach for the product and I love helping people get well.

I’m looking forward to their next generation which is an interactive mobile app called Shae™ that works with wearable devices. I highly recommend this system. It helped me and many others quickly learn that eating organic is very important, but even more important is eating what your body needs. The right nutrients are critical and if you eat an organic diet that is not providing what you need, it won’t make you healthy.

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