Is being healthy inconvenient? And is it actually far more convenient to be unhealthy?

We know what’s convenient: Getting a nice warm burger with a cup of fizz and some fries at the drive through… Roaming Facebook… Sitting and watching one of 50 channels of Pay TV for the whole night.

But these days convenient doesn’t equal unhealthy. There are just as many healthy convenient options as there are unhealthy ones! It’s all about what you choose.

Yes, you can go to McDonalds – and get a salad!

Yes, you can watch TV at night – for an hour  – and for 15 of those mins do some exercise in front of it!

Yes, you can use Facebook – once a day for less than 10 minutes, while sitting up straight instead of hunched over!


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Lucky for us, our society has started to make healthy choice convenient! Especially with tech like ph360 and ShaeTM and these top tips, being healthy is becoming easier than ever.


Top Tips for Being Conveniently Healthy

  1. Choose Wisely when You Eat. These days, there are just as many healthy fast food options as unhealthy ones. Choose freshly prepared over deep fried and grilled over battered. Choose to add vegetables as toppings or as a side to whatever you’re eating.
  1. Be Effective with Your Time. We don’t ever seem to have enough of it so make sure the time you do spend is effective in giving you the result you want! If you want to watch TV to relax, then set aside the amount of time you need and watch something that doesn’t over-stimulate the body. If you find that you relax better when reading, playing games, chatting with a friend, cooking, yoga or meditation, then do that instead when you want to relax.


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  1. Meld Exercise into your Life. Sometimes it’s hard to set aside a certain amount of time each day or week for exercise – so be realistic! It’s all about keeping your body moving. If you enjoy group exercise at the gym then have the schedule of classes handy so you know which classes you’re going to and when!  If you enjoy having sessions with your physical therapist, then lock them into your calendar and stick to ‘em! And if you’re one of those people who barely gets time to wipe their brow, then you can do push ups and sit ups when you jump out of bed, take the stairs throughout the day, park an extra block away and run to your meeting, or jog to the takeout place for dinner! It is possible to know exactly what’s right for you as an individual and to do it- ph360 and Shae™ make it effortless, so use the tech that’s available today to your advantage.

As our lives get busier, the more convenient an option, the better! And if it’s as easy as making a decision between a healthy and an unhealthy one – then getting healthy is becoming very convenient indeed!

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