The allure of pre-packaged foods can be strong—they’re fast, they’re easy, and all those preservatives, sugars, and hydrogenated oils sure do taste good going down. But the aftermath of binging on junk food is far-reaching: Lethargy, brain fog, bloating, and indigestion—not to mention weight gain, increases in unhealthy levels of cholesterol, and heart disease. Yikes! Are you sure all that is worth that packaged snack cake?

What’s that you say? Healthy food just doesn’t taste good? Think again. Here are 3 quick tips to ensure easy access to food that’s super good for you and will make your taste buds do the happy dance.

  1. Shop fresh and stay whole. Fresh fruits and veggies are packed full of nutrients and live enzymes that rarely taste bad. Visit your weekly farmers market and explore what produce is in season now. Summer peaches and grapes are like candy, and fresh corn on the cob is a million times better than any packaged cracker, we promise. Try new fruits and veggies each week—soon you’ll be hooked!The more fresh whole foods you eat, the better. Processed foods like flours and sugars may slow digestion and create imbalances in metabolism and blood glucose levels.
  2. Keep healthy snacks on hand. We usually reach for the food that’s most convenient, so make sure you take the time to chop up fruits and veggies at the beginning of each week to stock your fridge with easy-to-grab snacks.It’s always a relief to open the fridge and see a container full of carrot and cucumber sticks right next to the hummus, ready and waiting for you!
  1. Play around in the kitchen to discover the flavors you like. Remember that you need a balance of salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy in order for foods to taste good to you.If you’re making a salad, try a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt (or similar ingredients that work for your body), and experiment with ingredient ratios to find what makes the flavors pop and your mouth go yum.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new foods! Widen the horizons of your palate—there are thousands of amazing tasting foods out there just waiting for you to discover and revel in them. Your ph360 FOOD results will help introduce you to hundreds of these foods. Join us today!

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