4 Easy Tricks for a High, Tight Butt

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Want to give J-Lo and Beyonce a run for their money when it comes to you ass-ets? Try these exercises.

 1. Try working with just one leg.

Whether it’s single leg deadlifts or single leg squats, the activation of the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius is greatly increased, meaning you’re getting a greater butt-workout with this simple hack.

2. Don’t forget your hip abductions.

This is the exercise when pressure or weight is placed on the outside of the leg and you need to push out against it. Research has revealed that abduction exercises are one of the best ways to activate the gluteus medius.

3. Try an isometric approach.

Holding a position for 5 – 10 seconds at a time can really help strengthen and tone a muscle. A study showed that the Wall Press activated the most gluteal muscles.

How to do a Wall Press:

a. – stand next to a wall so that your hip can touch the wall but your body is straight (don’t stand so far away that you’re leaning toward the wall).

b. – raise the leg that’s closest to the wall and press the thigh, knee and ankle against the wall. The harder you push, the more pressure you’re putting (like increasing weights).

c. – hold for 5 seconds at a time to start. Then increase to 10 at a time with the right limb furthest from the wall.

4. Get on all fours

Starting with a table position, on all fours with your back flat, stretch out the opposite arm and leg. On its own, this is a rather basic and easy exercise, but add bands to the mix and you’re getting a powerhouse of muscle activation. The balance, counter-pressure and and band-resistance involved in this exercise gets those glutes burning without having to throw weights around or squat ’till the cows come home.

Do you find these exercises helpful?

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