Bloat No More: Foods that Lead to a Flat Belly

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With so many dieting options out there and so little time to weed through them, we thought we’d tell it to you straight: There’s no one way to eliminate bloat and flatten your belly—but there is only one right way for you.

How to discover the right way for you to lose weight fast, and eliminate that unsightly and uncomfortable belly bloat? Take the time to learn the foods that fuel you and heal your digestion, and those that slow your digestion and weigh you down.

Every body will respond differently to distinct foods, and every person has distinct nutritional needs. When you are able to feed your body with the foods that heal instead of harm, your digestion will naturally balance and elimination will be a breeze!

While there are no “miracle foods” that flatten your belly overnight, there are some nutritional principles you can learn that will support your own process of dietary discovery. This is the way to get rid of bloat for good: Finding the personalized diet and health plan that works for you.

Here are five dietary components to keep in mind when you’re looking to lose weight fast.

  • Healthy fats: Research shows that people who eat a diet with healthy amounts of monounsaturated fats have an easier time with weight lossthan those who lack these nutrients. Whether this healthy fat comes to you in the form of nuts or fruits like avocado and coconut, they’ll help keep your skin supple, your intestines happy, and your body lean.
  • Fiber: Discovering the right amount of fiber your body needs to keep digestion flowing will be critical to eliminating the dreaded bloat. There are a wide variety of fiber sources, and even different types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, all of which your unique body may react to in distinct ways. Fiber will help your body absorb other nutrients more completely while supporting overall digestive health. As with every health endeavor, the type and amount of fiber you eat needs to be personalized to be effective.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics, which can be found in cultured foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, and other fermented foods, are a great way to keep your gut healthy. Translation: Less bloat, more flat belly! Probiotics help to keep your intestines happy and flowing smoothly, so that even the smallest cells in your body are contributing to your weight loss campaign. Make sure you find probiotics in a food source or supplement that’s healthy for your distinct needs!
  • Hydrate: Hydration is key to proper digestion and speedy weight loss! Your intestinal tract needs to stay lubricated in order to flow smoothly, which means that water is key. What’s more, staying hydrated can actually help you eat less while you battle the bulge. Drinking water can help you feel fuller, faster.
  • Anti-inflammatories: Our bodies and digestive systems are aggravated by so many outside agents over the course of a day, whether environmental toxins or foods that we are allergic to, that our organs and joints often exist in an inflamed state. Eating anti-inflammatory foods or taking anti-inflammatory supplements may help eliminate tummy distress, diminish bloating, and support your overall health.

Eating smarter by eating right for your body will help you reach any weight loss goal you set in record time. If you’re looking to have one last bikini body hurrah before the summer ends, let ShaeFit™ help you discover the foods that will help you get trim! You’ll be marveling at your abs faster than you’d imagine.

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