Over the past few years, the Quantified Self movement has spurred the popularity of wearable health tracking devices like the Fitbit, Jawbone UP24, and Nike Fuelband. These devices have given people new avenues to lose weight, monitor heart health, track daily activity, and reach fitness goals. Apple’s forthcoming Apple Watch and newly released Health app will make health tracking even more ubiquitous than ever.

New research on the popularity of wearable health tracking devices, conducted by TechnologyAdvance, revealed that within a group of almost 1000 adults, 25% use a smartphone-based app or wearable device for tracking their health. Moreover, 14.5% plan to start using a wearable health tracking device in the near future. The moment is now for the development of technologies that can help users not only understand their health statuses, but also track the progress they hope to be making on a daily, and moment-to-moment basis. ph360 does just that.

ph360 takes tracking to the next level by providing actions to take based on your health data, revealing what to eat, how to exercise, and specific environmental and social changes you can make to reach the health goals most important to you. If you are one of millions of people choosing to make your health a priority, you need support as you seek out the best ways to honor that priority. ph360 will help you make greater sense of any health tracking you’re currently doing, and increase the efficacy of all wearable tracking devices and apps.

So whether you’re looking to lose weight, find an exercise routine that will actually work for you, or simply make changes that will create a positive chain reaction of health and well-being, knowledge is power. While ph360 can’t make medical predictions or give medical advice, it can provide a window into understanding what you can do to reach a healthier state.

Health tracking begins with gaining inside information about how your body works. ph360 makes health tracking easy by giving individuals not just information, but also tangible actions to take based on the personalized data points provided.

The personalized health revolution makes it easier than ever to understand what healthy habits look like on a moment-to-moment basis. Health tracking is one of the simplest ways to take action towards preventative health, and ph360 is making preventative health easier and more powerful than ever.

Beyond health tracking, this is health hacking. Start your own health hacking initiative today at ph360.me.

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