As more people are reporting the results of their use of ph360, we’re hearing a recurring, and temporarily annoying side effect: They have to buy new clothes! We know, we know—it’s a problem a lot of people wouldn’t mind having. The tricky part is that the weight seems to come off more quickly than people even realize, and within weeks, the clothes that were once almost too tight are now literally falling off. Why?

Once people know the right foods and exercises for their specific bodies, they are losing weight more easily, and seeing their bodies completely change shape before their eyes. For users whose goal was to lose weight, they are seeing an average 1-2 size decrease after 1 month on ph360.

ph360 uses your body’s own DNA to target what it needs to regain balance naturally—which often means losing weight that was previously budge resistant. And importantly, ph360 emphasizes measuring your body regularly, which gives you valuable perspective on how your body’s shape is changing. The program reveals that numbers on a scale often fail to tell the whole story. For example, some users may drop a size with less dramatic weight loss than they expect—because their bodies are changing shape and strengthening even as they shed excess fat.

Targeting your body’s individualized needs means every cell of you getting the sweet relief of nutrients, movement, and lifestyle elements that are uniquely suited to your DNA. With the power of a personalized solution, it’s easier than ever to look and feel your best. 

Here are the top 5 ways to drop a size or two fast:

  1. Eat right for your body. Every body has unique hormonal production and nutritional needs—these needs must be met in order for the body to be able to release excess weight. ph360’s FOOD dashboard will reveal the specific foods your body needs for wellness, as well as those foods you should avoid. It’ll even tell you how often you should eat those foods that are good for you, and help you on your next trip to the grocery store.
  2. Exercise the way your body was built. Ever notice that gymnasts look radically different from football players? Bodies are built for different kinds of movement, and ph360’s FITNESS dashboard will help you to discover the types of movement that will strengthen and tone your unique body.
  3. Sleep before 11 pm. Hormone regulation in our bodies largely happens late at night, during the hours when the body should be asleep. That means that getting to bed before 11 pm can be critical to changing the shape of your body and losing those extra pounds you’ve been trying to shed.
  4. Hydrate! Especially as you make changes to your diet and exercise routine, it’s important to flood your body with the liquid it needs to detox. We are largely made up of water, so make sure you replenish often!
  5. Measure yourself. Measuring your body not only gives you a way to get to know yourself as you haven’t previously, it also allows you to track the progress you make on your ph360 journey. You’ll learn to rely more on the measuring tape than on the scale, and discover how good it feels to watch your body change shape!

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