The rhythm. The wind on your face. The sky. The speed. The ground covered. The rush of endorphins. The power of a good run

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise today, and yet it’s also potentially one of the most damaging forms of exercise to the body. According to Scarborough Research, 57 million Americans jogged or ran in 2012. But how many of those 57 million know if running is really the best exercise for their body?

There are many benefits of running, not least of which that it is a high-powered way to trim excess body fat, build lean muscle, and boost mood via floods of endorphins. But that’s all information you probably already know, especially if you’re a runner. What you don’t know is how to determine the best form of exercise for your unique body profile.

Because here’s the truth: Every body under the sun has unique needs for its physical structure. And the best way to determine what works for your body is to look to the expression of your genes. This expression is your phenotype: The way you look in the mirror.

The science of epigenetics takes this a step further. Epigenetics allows us to understand the influence of the environment on the way your genes are expressed. What does this mean?

It means that everything about the world around you, including the place you grew up, the place you live now, the foods you eat, and even the people you spend time with, influences your gene expression. So while you may have genetic predispositions to certain diseases and physical characteristics, epigenetics determines whether or not those predispositions ever come to fruition.

And there is a way to eat, exercise, socialize, work, and live that can make the most of your particular epigenetic needs. While some athletes are designed to move with speed and agility, others are better suited to flowing movement, and still others to power and force. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to take a clear physical assessment of your body profile and get the support you need to understand your unique best form of exercise.

A program like ShaeFit can help you with this assessment, and provide you with a personalized program and training plan that takes into account your individual body structure and epigenetic demands. Understanding these inherent qualities can help reveal your best sport to play, the ideal role for you on a team at work, and even some of your natural skillsets.

If you’re a runner that has a body perfectly suited to running, ShaeFit can help reveal the best days to run, as well as the ideal times, lengths, and intensity levels. And if you’re a runner whose body has been suffering from the joint pain and muscle stiffness that is common amongst those whose bodies are not well-suited to the sport, ShaeFit can help guide you to recover, heal, and target an exercise plan that will both challenge and uplift your body.

All based on what really works for you—not every other runner out there on the road.

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