What’s your first thought when you walk into your office each morning? Are you inspired? Do you feel a burst of creative energy? Do you see a space where you can be truly productive? Or do you see a dark, dull, cramped desk full of deadlines and clutter?

Too often, we work in spaces that don’t inspire us at all—whether due to lack of light, isolation, airflow, or design. And when we’re not working in a place that feels uplifting, it can lead to a vicious cycle of carelessness, inefficiency or poor productivity. We don’t like being at our desks, so we let our desks get messy and cluttered, and almost entirely inhospitable for any kind of productivity.

Ready for all of that to change? Here are 3 quick ways to personalize your workspace for success:

  1. Get the Light You Need: Light affects the body and the brain in profound ways, influencing hormone production and sleep cycles. That means the light that you get during the day—especially at work—is critical to how productive you are and to your rest when you leave work.The fastest way to supercharge your light intake is to change out fluorescent and limited spectrum bulbs for full spectrum bulbs wherever possible. If your office only has overhead fluorescent lighting, think about bringing in a desktop lamp for yourself that you can load up with a full-spectrum bulb.
  2.  Get the Air You Need: Are there windows in your office? If yes, make sure you open them up and enjoy the flow of fresh air whenever possible (unless it’s super polluted outside, of course). If no, and heat or cold are an issue, consider bringing in a fan or a heater to modulate temperature. Oxygen flow is critical, stimulating brain activity and blood health.If it’s too dry or too damp in your office, consider a humidifier or dehumidifier, respectively. Remember that your space is your responsibility, as is your health. There’s no excuse not to take a few small steps to change your oxygen intake and respiratory wellness.
  3. Get the Space You Need: Take a look at your desk. Does it seem inviting to you? If your desk is cluttered, take 15 minutes (really—just 15, maybe less!) to clear everything off your desktop and get a fresh start. Only put items back on your desk that are beautiful and inspiring to you. Remember that, with design, less is often more. Wouldn’t you rather work at a desk that inspires you than one that makes your even more stressed than you already are? 

The key to personalizing your workspace for success is to take action towards improvement in simple ways everyday—always be on the lookout for ways that you can make your office and your desk a brighter, happier place.

Share these tips with your co-workers so you can support each other in a healthy workspace. Or log in to your ph360 account to find out the right environment to suit your body and maximize not only your health, but also your productivity, efficiency and sense of satisfaction!

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