The most advanced epigenetic and precision health corporate wellness technology pioneer has developed a 30-day personalized health program to help businesses support employees with the aim to provide mental, physical and emotional health support to those who may fall through the gaps in small to medium enterprises. The “Healthiest Workplace Challenge” has launched for companies of all sizes to join, and will help bridge the gap between corporate wellness and allied health professionals, cutting out exorbitant HR expenses, health costs, and ensuring healthy results are embedded in the DNA of each company.

The Science

Based on 15 layers of science including neuroscience, physiology and biology, Ai-tech assesses individuals on their medical health and current lifestyle stressors to understand their current health status. In short, it measures current health factors and, via AI-technology, delivers a customized health plan tailored specifically to each individual within seconds. It even offers individualized behavior change support to build healthy mental, emotional, and physical lifestyle habits.

The Program

Once assessed, a team of Doctors, Scientists and Allied Health Professionals guide each workplace through personalized health workshops to support them in understanding each unique employee and what that employee needs to be healthy and well  in that particular workplace environment ecosystem. 

“It’s all encompassing, these are life skills, based on proven scientific principles for each unique body” reveals ShaeWellness Founder and President Matt Riemann. “There are more than 7.7 billion people on this planet and not one of us is the same,” Mr Riemann continues. “That’s why each of us needs a different health plan, which is what we provide.”

The Results

ShaeWellness recently released a white paper that analyzed government departments and private enterprise including small to medium businesses and found up to 88% of individuals improve in mental health markers for anxiety and depression after just 30 days. 

“Results are happening, and quickly.” shares Riemann.”Businesses come to us looking for quantifiable, scalable, and meaningful results. The 30 day challenge offers organizations the opportunity to experience these types of results in a small amount of time, and track their progress to kick off a longer, sustainable health journey together.”

ShaeWellness is the corporate world’s first dna-driven, ai-powered Mental Wellbeing & Physical Health epigenetic solution delivering complete lifestyle support at work, and at home, for a holistic, user-centric, ecosystem of health.  The medically-endorsed, scientifically-validated, evidenced-based ShaeWellness platform uses advanced epigenetic analysis and AI technology to assess and deliver unique user insights and relays customized behaviour change support to each individual user.  ShaeWellness technology is currently being used in over 120 countries by medical experts and corporate wellness practitioners alike.

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