Inspiring news broke on Australia’s national Today Show: AFL Player and Coach Allstar, Mark “Bomber” Thompson’s explosive comeback to life, normality, and the public eye. “I am on the way back, I am not back to where I was, but I am a work in progress.” shares Bomber.

Bomber’s scandalous past has played out in the media time after time, while behind the rolling camera footage, Mark was suffering. “I felt for the first time I was helpless. I couldn’t actually fix myself up. I didn’t know how.” shrugs Bomber. 

The Diagnosis

When Bomber was diagnosed with PTSD he was relieved and with this diagnosis he knew small efforts each day would give him purpose to get better.

While Bomber didn’t originally want to talk about it, he felt drawn to help others – “I actually want to go out and do something about preventing people from falling into that hole that I fell into.” This led him to Health Scientist & ShaeWellness Founder Matt Riemann. “I take my hat off to Bomber and many others who have been through challenging times. It’s tough, what can be even harder than asking, is accepting help.” shares Riemann.


The Offer of Help

Bomber accepted. The two bonded instantly and made a pact to join forces to support mental health in the workplace. “We have developed technology where you can scan your body on the outside with smart technology to understand your body on the inside” reveals Matt Riemann. This mental health Ai-technology which impressed Bomber is developed by ShaeWellness. It gives a completely unique mental health program to each individual, based on their unique health needs. No two profiles are the same, and this level of precision delivers effective result rates proven to be more effective than other generic, one-size-fits-all mental health programs.

The technology and tools will be shared through Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge, an initiative to improve mental health in the Australian workplace.  

Ongoing Support

Bomber is excited to be able to share his new journey and to support those who may be suffering silently with ill mental health. “Answer the phone” he shares with care. “I would watch the phone ring and I wouldn’t talk, but as soon as I talked to someone I felt better.”

Bomber continues to share his compassion for mental health and helping others through his partnership with ShaeWellness and promoting their personalized Mental Health Programming.

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