When ShaeWellness Founder, Matt Riemann, first met with AFL All-Star Player and Coach Legend, Paul Roos, they immediately set Paul up on his own profile to see the technology for himself. As soon as he got his hands on his own ShaeWellness profile, he was instantly impressed with the information. 

What stunned this professional athlete, turned trophy-winning Coach, Leader and Mentor? “The precision and accuracy of the health advice is mind-blowing” he shares. “It’s pinpointing for each person exactly what their unique body and brain needs for balance and nourishment, it’s impressive.”

What sets this mental health and physical wellness technology apart is a departure from blanket statements and generic mental health suggestions. Roosy saw the value and potential this platform has for supporting mental and physical health at work, for leaders and their teams. He jumped onboard to support the national workplace initiative offering this technology to workplaces for 30 days as “Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge“. He shared this message with Australia’s national Today Show:

Healthy Workplaces

The technology assesses the individual’s unique biology to deliver a realistic, customized program based on their specific stress and anxiety levels, health status, and lifestyle needs. Each employee gets their own personalized mental health manual and can even join their work team to do a 30 day team building challenge together, such as the Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge format.  

“Business teams see over 85% of their staff report significant reduction in mental health risks in less than 30 days using this technology.” shares Matt Riemann, Founder of ShaeWellness and the mental health initiative – Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge. “That’s why the typical 30 day group challenge is the perfect timing to boost Australia’s mental health right now.”

Leadership = Wellness

Roosy sees it as a game-changer for leaders giving realistic and meaningful support to their teams. “Leadership and wellness aren’t two separate conversations. The next era of business brings leadership and wellness as the same thing. And to be a really good leader, you need to look after yourself and you need to look after your staff.” he furthers. “We need to integrate this whole healthy work and lifestyle experience instead of burning out our staff, and then leaving it up to them to be able to be healthy after work.”

“You know I’m a big advocate of Mindfulness and Mental Health. Things like meditation are just as important as exercise. It’s time to bring this to work and not just after work.” shares Roos. “Mental Health and Physical Health can’t be two separate conversations. Just like Leadership and Wellness can’t be separate, either.“

“I’m passionate about supporting the mental wellbeing of all Australians. All workplaces need to get behind this initiative putting free mental health tools, resources and technology into the hands of YOUR employees. Everyone wins this game, so let’s go and do this together as a team.” 

Curious to see what inspired this award-winning professional athlete, Coach, and High Performance Leadership Mentor to get onboard with ShaeWellness?

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