Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge: Drive healthy results into the DNA of your business in 2021

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In 2020, Employees had to throw personal and professional lives into a high-powered blender – mixing up boundaries on work/life balance, blurring childcare options, and confusing health priorities. Employers were pivoting remote working solutions, fast-tracking technology upskilling, all while adjusting income streams to keep food on the table and online doors open for business. The 2020 aftershocks rolling into 2021 show that flexible, digital, scalable, holistic employee mental wellbeing and physical health solutions must meet the unique needs of each individual’s lifestyle, immediately.

The 2021 Technology Solution

ShaeWellness is Australia’s most advanced corporate wellness AI-technology pioneer and is offering a FREE 30-day personalized health program to offer mental, physical, and emotional health support to workforces and determined leaders. Focusing on ShaeWellness’ HQ immediate backyard, while open to all nations, “Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge” has launched to help cut out overwhelm, cull exorbitant HR expenses, and stabilize personal health priorities, while driving healthy results into the DNA of each business.

ShaeWellness recently released analysis of their governmental and private enterprise data, including small to medium businesses, and witnessed up to 88% of individuals improve their mental health markers for anxiety and depression after just 30 days.

Built upon 15 layers of science including neuropsychology, genetics, and endocrinology (responsible for biomarkers of stress including our “flight or fight” response), Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge uses AI-technology to assess individuals on their current medical health and lifestyle stressors to understand their immediate health status. In short, when a user fills out a simple questionnaire, it measures current health factors down to the DNA level, and delivers a customized health plan tailored specifically to each individual within seconds. Via AI-technology, it even offers individualized behavior change support to build healthy mental, emotional, and physical lifestyle habits relevant to work and home life.

What’s the Challenge?

At the end of May, a team of Doctors, Scientists and Allied Health Professionals will be guiding each workplace through 30 days of weekly personalized health workshops and daily lifestyle habit check-ins to drive attention and focus on each employee’s unique health needs, relevant to their particular workplace environment.

“It’s all encompassing, these are life skills for work and for home, based on proven scientific principles for each unique individual.” reveals ShaeWellness President, Founder, and Chief Scientist, Matt Riemann. “There are more than 7.7 billion people on this planet and not one of us is the same” Mr Riemann continues. “That’s why each of us needs a different health plan, and different healthy habit building support, which is what we provide with AI-technology that is scalable, while customized to each individual.”

ShaeWellness is #Tech4Good

“We know the technology works. The results speak for themselves. We want to do what we can to support businesses recover from 2020.” shares Riemann. “We’ve eliminated as many barriers as possible to give all businesses access to this technology. Access that some businesses may not be able to typically afford. This is why we are offering the Health Challenge for free to smaller teams – to support small to medium sized businesses who take up a large market share of business operators in Australia. For larger enterprises, we are re-investing 15% of all proceeds back into Mental Health Programs across Australia.”

Ready to drive healthy results into the DNA of your business? Corporate Team Registration for Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge is now open until May 28th. Register your Team and learn more

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