Australia’s Mental Health Solution hitting Global Podcast Airwaves

ShaeWellness Team ShaeWellness Team

Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge has officially gone global! ShaeWellness President, Chief Scientist, and Health Futurist, Matt Riemann, is a sought-after thought leader and visionary in business, technology, and health industries. 

He was recently featured on “Talking Business” – ranked in the Global Top 10 business and technology podcasts on the world’s largest podcasting and publishing platform. Hosted by experienced journalist Leon Gettler, the advanced corporate wellness ai-technology caught this United Nations Media Peace Award winner’s attention to inform business leaders of this powerful technology, and impressive wellness initiative. 

Ready to give your management and employees proven, relevant, personalised Mental Wellness tools? Learn more by Registering your Corporate Team now. Or, you can read more about Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge 30 day mental wellness program here, sharing how your company can access Australia’s most advanced corporate wellness technology.

Listen to the podcast here.

Gettler’s journalism awards include the United Nations Media Peace Award (1997) and the Professor John Miller Distinguished Achievement Award. Gettler’s business media background includes co-editor of The Australian Institute of Management’s (AIM) journal Management Today, and was an early adopter and pioneer of podcasting at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s  (RMIT) Business, Technology, and Economics podcast, where he is currently production manager for their Blockchain Innovation Hub. Gettler has been regularly featured by the Australian Associated Press (AAP), The Australian, Management Today, Business Spectator, CFO, ProPrint, CRN, Charter, In The Black and Public Accountant.

Listen in to hear Matt share about ShaeWellness pioneering technology.

Register your company here for Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge. Ensure you join before March 26th to access the powerful technology with a team-building and employee engaging 30 day program.

Learn more about Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge here, and how your company can access Australia’s most advanced corporate wellness technology.

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