Collaboration: Activating… everything!

Activators.. you’re typically always on the go, helping other people, helping yourself and simply getting things done! If anyone ever wants to do anything – you should be the first port of call because you make it happen!

It’s that voracious enthusiasm that draws people to you but if you find that all that energy ‘doing’ leaves a few of the important details missing, then perhaps try connecting with the Sensors in your network.

Sensors will love your fast pace and productivity, be intrigued by your exuberance and would love to support what you do in their own way. It may not mean matching you blow by productive blow on the physical action in every day, but it could help to make that busy day of yours all the more satisfying.

If that means by polishing up the details to help you shine even more, giving you a thoroughly structured to-do list so you don’t have to worry about planning and can just go out there and get it done or by pointing out the things you hadn’t even noticed with a few suggesting to take care of them – your Sensor will help you feel more productive and perform more efficiently so you can check more things off your list and achieve what you set out to achieve!

Sensors, know and love that Activator ‘make-it-happen’ attitude (even if it seems like they’re not listening to you while they’re moving around or doing other things at the same time – they actually are!) and offer your support with the details instead of being frustrated with a less than Sensor-perfect outcome! It’s a win-win situation and you will both be happily checking things off your list in no time!

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