Collaboration: Connecting for Clarity!

Success often comes with collaboration.. and there’s no better way to collaborate than with different HealthTypes whose strengths are naturally the areas where you can use the support!

Connectors you are the radiant butterflies flitting from one perfect flower to the next sharing your love, loving to brainstorm and ALWAYS full of brilliant ideas! 💖 But sometimes that vast amount of information can leave you floating in mid air without enough direction. This can help you feel free and wild and fantastic… but if that starts to feel a little overwhelming with TOO many options, hook up with one of your Crusader buddies for a little help. 

Your Crusader can help surgically slice through any fears, doubts or uncertainty with their cool logical reasoning. 

Crusaders, it’s helpful to be aware that you are talking with someone who ‘feels’ rather than ‘thinks’ so it’s a good idea to put yourself in their shoes for a moment and make a few adjustments – vary your tone of voice, animate your facial expression, switch between topics and gently steer the conversation back to the main content making sure that you reach your outcome in the time that you have.

And maybe, as a Connector, you generally don’t like to be told what to do, or how to do it, because it seems to take away that freedom you love.. well, think of it this way: It’s your idea to go to the Crusader for help – they are working for you, not against you – helping you to trim down the options to make your decisions simpler or to help you take the next step with more certainty. 🎉

And above all, if you’re a Connector (or anyone else for that matter!) don’t take anything the Crusader does or says personally! As a Connector, you just want everyone to feel happy and loved all of the time! 💚💛💜💖 

The Crusader mind is logical, and driven by facts and outcomes (it’s actually the way a Crusader feels happy!) so it may seem like they don’t have a great ‘bedside-manner’.. they may seem cold or calculating.. they are in fact simply different. 😍

And, when you can feel comfortable receiving love in a different way, such as it is with a Crusader, you can have a wealth of resources at your fingertips to help you move forward! 🌟🌞

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