Collaboration: Sensing the Way To Go

Sensors.. Even though you may prefer to spend much of your time alone, sometimes it can be nice to have fresh faces around! If you’re feeling like it might be nice to have someone to talk with or to introduce you to something new – a new restaurant, new people, new experiences, then now is the time to get in touch with the Connectors in your network!

The Connectors are that and so much more – fabulous at connecting people, places and things! They are fun times embodied and you will ALWAYS feel welcome, loved and a part of what is happening!

A fresh connection with new minds, places and spaces might just give you that new perspective you’ve been looking for or that creative buzz that you make the most of in your own time.

And Connectors who have Sensors in your network – don’t take it personally if the Sensor doesn’t reply to all of your messages or only contacts you every now and then. There is NO LESS love, just changing priorities and much lower level or interpersonal contact that can be managed by the Sensor’s nervous system! In fact, the Sensor probably LOVES to hang out with you in small doses just as much as they love their alone time too!

Find out your HealthType™ to discover the best ways to support and collaborate with your friends, colleagues and family.

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