Collaboration: Supporting the Crusade!

Crusaders.. Sometimes work can take all the priority – there’s a been a project you’re working on or it’s simply your focus to achieve what you feel needs to be done. But don’t forget to take time out for your loved ones – even if it’s brief – to feel that warm fire of support that you undoubtedly have from those you love.

The Guardians in your life are a great way to help you do this! If you have Guardians in your life, allow them to spoil you. Food, cuddles, relaxed laughs – set the time aside and make it a priority every now and then – it will refuel your fire and help you achieve those hefty goals you set. Let those Guardians make you feel warm, conformable and full to the brim of love and abundance.

But not only does it make you feel fabulous – it gives those others in your life a chance to express their love for you and understand that it is received and appreciated.

And Guardians – if you’re dealing with the Crusaders in your life – time is often their most important commodity – so making the time for a quick phone call or spending the day or even an hour with you can actually be a big sacrifice.

When a Crusader makes the time to spend with you – even if they don’t eat everything on the plate or they keep talking about work or they have a limited amount of time, rest assured that this is truly a way for them to show they care.

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