PSYCHOLOGICAL injuries now cost more time and money than physical injuries at work. 

Here’s the breakdown using Australian statistics:

  • 1 in five Australians suffer from a Mental Health condition
  • Typical Compensation per Mental Health claim is AU$24,500 compared to AU$9,000 for all claims
  • Typical time off work was 15.3 weeks compared to 5.5 weeks for all claims
  • 91% of workplace mental health claims are attributed to mental stress

According to Safe Work Australia data, before COVID, over $100 million was paid in worker’s compensation for work-related mental health conditions each year. Who knows what this number is now?

Mental Health is a Costly Problem for ALL Businesses

Setting aside the mere humanity of supporting the health of other human beings, mental health is costing Australia’s employment economy too much time and money. In a time of economic uncertainty, Australian employers literally cannot afford to avoid a formal approach to Mental Health support in the workplace any longer,” shares Dr Cam McDonald, Personalized Health and Corporate Wellness Expert and Advocate.

“Many businesses simply cannot afford to pay higher health plan premiums when mental health claims go up, and they can’t afford for their staff to take over 3 months sick leave. The prevalence and business costs of this issue needs to be recognized to demonstrate the financial, physical, mental, social, and environmental impact it’s having on Australia’s Economy,” he furthers.

And there ARE Solutions…

If 85% of your staff are not receiving benefits from your workplace Mental Health Program, your wasting time, money, and resources. Not to mention needlessly prolonging the suffering of your staff, and your company’s resources.

Profile-raising events such as World Health & Safety Day put on by the International Labour Organization draws attention to this problem, while we offer hope of proven, effective solutions that are currently available to employers and leaders.  There are specific, precise, proven science-based corporate wellness technologies available to support employers in supporting their staff in mental, physical, social, and environmental health all at once. 

Personalized Health has been proven to be the most effective corporate wellness approach in Australia with some alarmingly successful results.

What are the Top 6 Mistakes we see Businesses make with their Mental Health Program? 

…That Get Results

Over 85% of employees during a 30 day program reported clinically-significant increases in their Mental Health and Wellbeing without the need for intensive Mental Health Counselling.

Medically-endorsed, scientifically-proven, and evidence-based, it’s an employer’s strongest ROI currently available on the market offering quantifiable metrics for mental and physical health markers.

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