You go to work.

Whether you know it or not, more than half the company is suffering either moderate, extreme or severe state of depression, and three quarters of your teammates are suffering some form of anxiety. This isn’t an example. These are actual results from an Australian technology company seeking a holistic (mental, emotional, physical) corporate wellness solution as 2020 came to a dramatic close. With these alarming statistics, the Australian company made the decision to focus on the health of their staff for 2021.

Clinically-Relevant Improvement Markers

Their case study revealed the workplace got healthier in just 30 days with Personalized Wellness programming and technologies. From improving depression markers in the extreme category by almost 100%, to 93% of those at the highest risk of anxiety experiencing an improvement; overall, 87% of individuals improved their mental health after just 30 days of personalized mental and physical health support. It was all relayed via the ShaeWellness advanced health technology, including the virtual health assistant app – Shae, and virtual team coaching sessions.

“Actually going into work is now physically putting them into a healthier place for their mind and body which means higher performance, plus a happier home environment.” explains Corporate Personalized Wellness Expert with ShaeWellness, Dr Cam McDonald.

Personalizing Wellness for Impressive Results

These impressive results support the recent findings of the ShaeWellness whitepaper on the mental health of Australian employees during the pandemic. It revealed most polled workplaces are suffering moderate, severe or extreme levels of anxiety and depression. “When their health program is personalized to each person down to their DNA level, dis-ease is reduced significantly and mental health markers are improved by over 85%,” furthers Dr McDonald. “Using this advanced technology that personalizes each individual’s program unique to them, we have seen dramatic improvements in as little as 3 days.”

The case study with the Australian tech company supports these findings. Economic studies conducted at the University of Melbourne revealed financial stress and mental distress rates are negatively affecting one in three Australians right now.

Accessible, Affordable, All-in-One Solution

The marathon of financial stress and other emotional disturbances from pre-and-during pandemic times are even more pressing. In the long run, not only does Mental Health need to be at the forefront of all conversations, but proven, evidence-based solutions need to be abundantly accessible immediately. Employers and employees should not be suffering when solutions are available.


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