Are you an Early Bird or Night Owl? It’s important for your Mental Health!

Are you a member of the 5am club or creature of the night? Whether you’re cheering for Team Early Morning or Team Late-Night, we’ve always been told the early bird gets the worm. Trained from an early age to set morning alarms, some of us are crawling out of bed, while others are bouncing up to seize the day. But science is now telling us that early mornings are not healthy for everyone, and could be affecting your Mental Health.

The scientific answer to your healthiest sleep routine is found in your DNA

“Through our research, we are finding one of the most powerful influences over DNA health is the science of Chronobiology – the circadian rhythms of our biology, influenced by daylight and seasons.” explains ShaeWellness Founder and world leading Epigenetic Scientist, Matt Riemann. “When you know exactly what your unique DNA, biology, and psychology needs to be balanced and healthy, you are informing your decisions on what lifestyle habits are best for you.”

“An Epigenetics Work/Life Program is giving you specific instructions on exactly what your unique DNA needs to activate your healthy genes, and deactivate your disease-risk genes. I was personally cured of a genetic neurodegenerative disease using Epigenetics. 12 years ago I was told I had 9 years to live, and cured myself in 7.” 

What is “Epigenetics”?

“‘Epigenetics analyzes our health down to the DNA level – that’s where the ‘genetics’ part comes in.” Riemann further explains. “The ‘Epi’ in ‘Epi-genetics’ is latin for ‘upon’ or ‘over’. A similar word we are all too familiar with these days is “epidemic”: a widespread disease that comes upon, or has influence over, people.” Riemann explains. “Epigenetics assesses all factors that have influence over the health of our DNA or genes.”

Harmony and Rhythm

“Mental and Physical disease and illness can happen when someone with Early Bird DNA lives a Night Owl lifestyle – knocking their natural circadian cycles out of synch which can cause biological stress.” shares Riemann. “Your Mental wellbeing issues could easily be solved by simply changing what time you go to bed and what time you wake up, to live in harmony with your biology’s circadian rhythms.”

So how can you find out if your DNA is an Early Bird or Night Owl to balance your Mental and Physical Health?

Your ShaeWellness profile does this for you! Simply check your personal  “Lifestyle” section on your Shae™ app.

Don’t have your ShaeWellness Work/Life Program yet? Visit for a short, free 3mins test to learn what bedtime could be what your DNA needs to live your healthiest, happiest life from the inside-out.

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