We all know what the brain supposedly looks like on drugs, but what about how the brain looks on stress? Numerous studies have shown that the prolonged effects of chronic stress can contribute to heart disease, weight gain, depression, and many other life-threatening diseases. But is it possible to de-stress when the tension escalates? Let the ph360 team help.

First, a quick lesson in stress: Humans are constantly on the lookout for threat in their immediate environments. This is an evolutionary tactic that helped us survive in an era when we were not as protected as most of us in the developed world are today. In bygone days, the possibility of threat triggered our fight or flight response, a cascade of biochemical and physical reactions that stimulated the impulse to self defend or run for our lives.

The hormones involved with fight or flight include cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine—all of which increase heart-rate and prepare the body to take on an opponent if necessary. This is well and good in the short term. But in today’s world, the fight or flight response is often triggered when we’re stressed out, not by a life threatening situation.

This means that our bodies are regularly being flooded with cortisol, a steroid hormone which, in excess, can derail sleep schedules, cause blood sugar imbalances, increase your blood pressure, and weaken your immune system. Which makes it pretty clear why chronic stress can be so dangerous to your health.

Moreover, stress is catching. It can be difficult to get out of a vicious cycle of constant stress. But the tools ph360 provides can make a difference. Because ph360 uses epigenetic science to address your health needs at the root—the way your lifestyle affects your DNA—your results will help you live more healthfully and with less stress.

Here are some ph360-approved ways to bust through stress fast:

Take a minute. When you feel the stress monster coming for you, consciously take a step back from the situation. Give yourself a moment (or more) to breathe, consider, and just be. It’s amazing how much a single moment can do to deactivate the fight or flight response.

Exercise (the right way). When you exercise in the right way for your body, your release endorphins and help your body manage the tax of chronic stress. The right kind of exercise will also boost your immune system, and keep you looking great. Bonus!

Go to bed earlier. You need those precious hours of sleep between 11 pm and 2 am in order to properly regulate your hormones and keep stress in check. Do yourself a favor and peel yourself away from the computer screen and crawl into bed.

Breathe. No really! Just taking a deep breath can radically change your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels. Breathing deeply and calmly for just a few moments can completely transform your biochemistry from danger zone to serene sanity.

Say no. If you know you’re at your max, just say no. You’re no good to anyone if you burn out, so make sure you take the time you need to nurture yourself. Your heart, mind, and immune system will thank you!

Discover ways you can bust stress that are customized to your unique body profile at ph360.me.

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