Do you have a passion?

Finding your passion is about finding that joie de vivre, that spark, that pull of curiosity, or draw of excitement you get from exploring something new, or familiar. It’s that insatiable desire you can’t satisfy, or thrill that never gets old.

Finding your passion is commonly discussed outside of work, so what about bringing the conversation TO work?

What are you passionate about at work? Do you know what it is, or what it even looks like?

Well, we offer you biological and personalized answers to help you clearly identify your passion to bring some excitement and spark into your work days – 

Refer to your Flow – Your Strengths & Talents

  • Go to your Shae app, and look at your “Genius” section
  • Here, you receive scientific insight into your genetic gifts, neural preferences and traits, and natural talents that come easily to your body and mind
  • Find out what flows easily for you and doesn’t feel like “work” at all

Reconnect with your Curiosity

  • Reconnect with items or books or topics you are curious about, or intrigued about at work
  • What is it love about  your role? Or what makes you feel good in your role? This can help you discover and reveal what you are passionate about in your current position

Revisit Inner Drivers and Motivators

  • Finally, connect with your inner drivers or motivators to help you to seek and pursue your passions and be fulfilled in immersing yourself in them each day 
  • Is it simply giving yourself permission to schedule in some more of what you love? Or prioritizing these tasks in your day?

Why not infuse a little more passion into your work day? Inspire yourself and those around you by finding your flow, sharing your talents, and bringing momentum and excitement to others!

How exciting would the workplace be with people buzzing with excitement – keen to help others with their talents that come so easily to them, to help everyone create, innovate and accelerate an amazing workplace environment!

These are just some of the social, mental, physical, and emotional benefits to bringing your passion to work.

Hop into your Shae app today to reconnect with your passion and flow today!

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