What IS Flow? 

“Flow” is a word you hear bandied about in the corporate sphere more and more these days. But what actually IS Flow? Well, from a biological perspective, “Flow” is when you are in full alignment and focus in body and mind. It’s where your body and mind are not competing with other distractions or friction points, so that completing tasks and activities comes with ease.

How do I find my Flow?

Flow includes aligning your natural gifts and talents with tasks or roles that feel as effortless and easy as possible. The reality is not every task or responsibility in our job description may feel in Flow, which is fine. Once you are able to identify your Flow, you can begin to balance out your daily activities with tasks that feel in Flow, so that you may coast through the ones that may not feel as in Flow.

Flow also includes optimizing your day – organizing your day to align with your body and mind’s natural circadian rhythms, aka chronobiology, to capitalize on your natural brain wave activity throughout the day.

Practical Tips

Flow looks different for each of us. And how we get into Flow, or find our Flow in the day is also just as different. So here are some simple tips to support you in getting into Flow:

For an Activator, your Flow may be ensuring you have a stop/start scheduled into your day to break up any long sections of consistent tasks or activities, giving your body and mind some variety to allow it to stay in alignment with its natural rhythms.

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