We all wonder what foods are best for us, should we drink wine, how much exercise is enough and how much water is correct. However, we can do everything right and still be sick. You can eat the perfect diet for you, exercise like a maniac, avoid all toxins and still be diseased due to dis-ease. Stress is the largest contributing factor to poor health for many hard working people. Our world is increasing in stress with pressure, demands, screen time, cost of living and information overload. How can we find a healthy balance for peace of mind and body?

One way to have a powerful impact is with your tongue.

Language is a huge contributing factor to our stress level. Words have a power beyond what most people give them credit. Sentences affect every cell in our body. I’m overwhelmed. There is too much to do. I have to compete with my co-workers. I have to make more money. I have to, have to, must, can’t, it so hard, I’m exhausted. I hate my job. I’m so broke. Work is hard. The kids are so expensive. I can’t keep up. I can’t afford it. My family drives me crazy. My sister hates me. My Mother is a pain in butt. Just reading those words may cause a visceral effect on your body, even if those aren’t the words you say.

Words have the power to make you feel great or do the opposite.

You have the opportunity to choose words that cause your stress factor to reduce. It takes awareness and discipline. Some days you might forget. Other days you might select your words all day and feel amazing, and your health will benefit as well.

Try it out. I love my job. I work with talented people. I’m grateful to have an income. I chose not to spend my money on that. (Instead of I can’t afford it.) I’m grateful for my family. My health is amazing and allows me to work hard. I’m proud that I can provide for my children. My Mother has done a lot for me over the years. My body is a healing machine. I decide to be self-employed and work towards an early retirement. I choose to work and live here. I love my body that carries me through this world. I’m grateful for all that I have learned. If these words don’t seem authentic to you, and you relate better to the negative, just pretend these words are true for you. Say them anyway. I chose to work and live here is true, because you always have a choice. If you feel you don’t have a choice, say that you choose and having that power will help you feel better.

Begin today to say words that impact your health in a beautiful, less stressful way and you will soon feel the effect in your body. Remember your facial expressions are powerful too. They create an impact in the body. Rolling your eyes, pouting, making faces at people when they turn their back or any expression that doesn’t empower you can cause less health.

If you are going to take the time to eat well and exercise, get the full benefit of your efforts by having the words and attitude that support your health!!

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