HR Departments are short on options when it comes to corporate health and wellbeing apps, promising to help support the health and wellbeing of their workforce and then only delivering on generic fitness, nutrition and occasional sleep advice. “They’re missing critical support and guidance on some of the most important parts of a healthy, balanced lifestyle like social relationship considerations, climate stressors, and specific mental processing tendencies crucial to mental wellness and physical health at home AND at work” asserts Personalized Health Scientist and ShaeWellness Founder, Matt Riemann.

The Reality

“There is definitely a shortage of holistic lifestyle information in our medical and mainstream conversations at work and at home.” furthers Riemann. “But that hasn’t stopped many health and wellness apps promoting ‘lifestyle change’ and ‘behavioral change support’ while delivering a small percentage of what lifestyle actually entails. A healthy lifestyle on workdays even looks completely different than healthy habits on weekends. These health apps fall drastically short on even this differentiation.”

The Gap

While there are proven sciences behind most health apps; unfortunately most of what they offer is a generic style program that’s not personalized to the individual’s stress levels, nor the full lifestyle guidance it promises. The information may be relevant for personal lifestyle, but is it still applicable during office hours? What if your work hours are cut drastically? Will your health app adapt to this new stress? It does with Personalized Health AI-technology.

The Solution

Pioneers in the world of personalized health for over 20 years, ShaeWellness has incorporated a world-first: combining over 15 layers of science into one of the most robust algorithms and AI health technologies available. The online technology analyzes an individual to give them health advice relevant to home life AND work life. The platform offers 24/7 health support based on each individual’s unique biology and current work and personal lifestyle needs.

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