So you’ve woken up feeling well rested. Your eyes open peacefully, you have a nice stretch as you begin to welcome the day. How can you keep these feelings of vitality throughout the day?

Well, maintaining energy, momentum and vitality will look different for each of us!

Your app will tell you exactly what activity, at what time of day will be best to keep your energy levels consistent and healthy throughout the day.

For some of us, it’s keeping a slow and steady pace throughout the day.

For others, it’s more of a go hard, rest hard pace. 

Here’s some Vitality Tips for a healthy flow, just for you:

  1. Check Your Personal App. Make sure you check your personal profile, specifically your chronobiology clocks, to see what activities are ideal for your biology at different times throughout the day.
  2. Use Your “Power Hour”. The “Power Hour” is one hour of the day where your body is performing a critical function for it’s overall health and vitality to essentially ‘power up’. For some people, it’s a critical hour early in the morning to ensure they prioritize being in a deep sleep around that time. For others, it’s a time to get your body moving.
  3. Embrace Your Pace! Find a daily rhythm and routine that works just for you. If a slower pace feels comfortable, go for it! If you like to tick all those boxes on the To Do List as quickly as possible, do it! You have permission to find a pace of daily life that works in harmony and flow for your natural tendencies.

Jump into your app now to discover insights into your personal rhythm and flow for a day full of life!

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