Our body functions in a highly complex state of balance at all times. It’s remarkable really, how it can stay on track at all with the amount of emotional, physical and dietary stress we subject it to! 🙂

So how do we give ourselves the most support to stay in balance when we have so many other things going on?

Take, for example, the fuel we need if we go on holidays, or even through the change of season for that matter – our bodies have different requirements in different climates and if we maintained the same source of fuel (what we ingest) at all times, we’re going to wind-up battling imbalances and sickness.

Imagine if it were mid-summer and you decided to visit your friends on the other side of the world where it was snowing…

As soon as you step off the plane (and even on the plane too!) your brain chemistry functions differently. Your body functions differently. It’s cold outside compared to the heat you’ve just been sweltering in! Your body needs a change in fuel – and quick! So how do you know which fuel is right? Well, you’ll also notice your PH360 food recommendations change as your circumstances do.

PH360 recalculates your data to give you meaningful advice that you can use to stay happy and healthy, wherever you are, whenever you’re there! Now you don’t even have to worry about getting sick or feeling drained while you’re away from home, or as the seasons change!

To maintain that careful state of balance all we need to do is be prepared. PH360 is Smart Health – making your healthy decisions easy, kinda like your own little health and wellness support system. 😉 Update your profile, take note of the changes and revel in the healthiness that you can now enjoy all year round!

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