If you’re like me, when you think of Charles Darwin, “Survival of the Fittest” instantly comes to mind.

And if you’re like me, you may think that statement was highlighting strong physical health being the primary factor for species survival. Right?


Our Chief Medical Officer at ShaeWellness, a certified genius with an unparalleled photographic memory and unrivalled passion for human health, once shared on this very topic at a Personalised Health and Epigenetics Conference that has stuck with me since that day.

Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” did not posit that our physical health and strength would ensure the survival of a species. 

It was the “Skill of Adaptation” that would.

In “Survival of the Fittest”, “Fittest” was relating to how the organism best “Fit” into it’s ever-changing environment.

From Surviving to Reviving

And so, taking this principle of Adaptation and Survival to the corporate world, we see this playing out at this very moment – witnessing the current corporate (and human) life, landscape, and climate changes. 

We see those businesses, and humans, adapting to the ever-changing environment are… winning. 

They are thriving.

They are successfully surviving.

Adaptability has become a very real litmus test of success. Especially here, at this current human evolutionary juncture, which 2020 ushered into our lives at a revolutionary pace whether we welcomed it, or not.

ShaeWellness has even exercised this skill this week. An unprecedented decision was made to extend a registration timeline for our Australia’s Healthiest Workplace 30 Day Corporate Challenge.

This Challenge is our response in rising to the distress call from business leaders experiencing waves of pivots in business operations with human health now at the centre of all operational decisions. 

With the pandemic taking a deep bow at the royal court of all executive teams – masking this grand entrance as an announcement disguised to distract from it’s imperialistic invasion intentions. The ShaeWellness Team agreed we would support the corporate realm of economic royalty, stability, and sovereign reign by increasing the strength and resiliency of its citizens to minimize this risk of a viral invasion. We would do this by arming each employee citizen with a fortified immune system, mental resilience, and physical vitality.


A Call to Arms

As the Monarch’s Hand, this looked like offering our signature 30 Day Corporate Challenge Program for free – empowering rulers of all shapes and sizes in the lands of our Australian HQ, as a starting point. The first 20 citizens for corporate teams of any size to be absolutely free, and 15% of any proceeds to be re-invested back into Mental Health programming in Australia.

And behind Zoom firewalls, and closed door meetings, many business leaders thanked us for taking action and handing them access to a solution when they didn’t know what to do. And many more of these corporate monarchs needed more time to make their team registration happen.

Old, rigid, inflexible, unadaptable business rulers from 2019 would have said “You need to follow OUR rules of courtship and engagement”.

ShaeWellness of 2021 said “We hear you. We are here for you. And we are here for others.” And we adapted. And they adapted.

We evolved. And they evolved.

We accepted the current human condition, and corporate climate, and we all adapted. We gave thanks to the current registrants who are proudly hoisting the ShaeWellness flag atop their castles proudly pledging their commitment to prioritizing their staff citizens’ health. We thanked them in advance for their understanding as we look to be inclusive and adaptive in supporting other businesses to build rebellion against this viral invader.

And the corporate compassion and camaraderie has been beyond inspiring.

A New World

To see the adaptability ripple out. Welcoming other corporate realms to strengthen a coordinated counter-attack.

The flexibility in allowing others to “Fit” in and join the cause.

It gives us a glimpse of a new reign, the new world, a better world, where we recognize we are all in this together. And we are stronger together, too.

Adaptation. It is the revolutionary Fitness Litmus Test of Survival, for the corporate world’s evolutionary revival. 

How will you reign in 2021?

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