Last week, the Harvard Business Review blog published an article that emphasized the importance of eating foods that will be metabolized for optimal mental fuel. Ron Friedman, Ph.D. wrote, ”Not all foods are processed by our bodies at the same rate. Some foods, like pasta, bread, cereal and soda, release their glucose quickly, leading to a burst of energy followed by a slump. Others, like high fat meals (think cheeseburgers and BLTs) provide more sustained energy, but require our digestive system to work harder, reducing oxygen levels in the brain and making us groggy.”

Before you think you’ve heard it all before, let’s look at what the new research had to say. Friedman cited research published in the British Journal of Health Psychology that followed participants’ food consumption, behavior, and mood over 13 days. Researchers then assessed how food choices influenced daily experiences. They found that, “The more fruits and vegetables people consumed (up to 7 portions), the happier, more engaged, and more creative they tended to be.”

ph360 has long been abreast of such developments. Using the sciences of epigeneticsendocrinology, and anthropometry, the ph360 algorithmcan actually determine which foods are best for the individual’s brain and metabolism.

Still, though—what’s so new about saying that fruits and veggies are good fro you? Friedman reported, “Fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients that foster the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in the experience of curiositymotivation, and engagement. They also provide antioxidants that minimize bodily inflammation, improve memory, and enhance mood.”

That means that eating the right fruits and veggies for your body can actually make you feel better, and make your brain happier and more effective. ph360 provides users with the power to eat in ways that will, take productivity to the next level. The ph360 FOOD dashboard provides exhaustive lists of the foods that are appropriate to eat, and those that should be avoided—all for maximum mental alertness and function, as well as weight loss and mood regulation.

Friedman concluded, “The trick to eating right is not learning to resist temptation. It’s making healthy eating the easiest possible option.” Fortunately, ph360 is about as simple as it gets. Though the scientific calculations behind ph360 are complex, users following ph360 are typically stunned by how easy it is to use.

That means more brain power for all you need and hope to accomplish at work and in your personal life! Explore your own personalized diet for optimal brain health today at

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