Onboarding has begun for hundreds of Australian businesses supporting their staff with a 30 day “Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge” focusing on Mental Health and Physical Wellness. Backed by AFL sporting celebrities and Mental Health advocates Paul Roos and Mark “Bomber” Thompson, thousands of Australian employees are embarking on 30 days to improve their mental health risks to elevate healthy working conversations, cultures, and overall work/life balance. 

“Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge” is providing tools and technology to open up conversations around mental health at work to get people comfortable around having these typically stigmatized conversations. 

Scoring Big

Mark “Bomber” Thompson’s scandalous past has played out in the media time after time, while behind the rolling camera footage, Mark was suffering. Once diagnosed with PTSD, he didn’t originally want to talk about it, but he felt drawn to help others – “I actually want to go out and do something about preventing people from falling into that hole that I fell into.” This led him to Health Scientist & ShaeWellness Founder Matt Riemann and his mental health technology.

“Business teams see over 85% of their staff report significant reduction in mental health risks in less than 30 days using this technology.” shares Riemann, Founder of ShaeWellness and  “Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge” heart-led mental health initiative. “That’s why the typical 30 day group challenge is the perfect timing to boost Australia’s mental health right now.”

Game Changer

Roosy sees it as a game-changer for leaders giving realistic and meaningful support to their teams. “Leadership and wellness aren’t two separate conversations. The next era of business brings leadership and wellness as the same thing. And to be a really good leader, you need to look after yourself and you need to look after your staff.” he furthers. “We need to integrate this whole healthy work and lifestyle experience instead of burning out our staff, and then leaving it up to them to be able to be healthy after work.” 

“The precision and accuracy of the health advice is mind-blowing.” Roosy shares. “It’s pinpointing for each Aussie exactly what their unique body and brain needs for balance and nourishment, it’s impressive,” he reports.

The Clincher

Based on 15 layers of science including neuroscience, physiology and biology, the Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge uses AI-tech to assess individuals on their medical health and current lifestyle stressors to understand their current health status. A customized health plan tailored specifically to each individual within seconds is followed for 30 days. It even offers individualized behavior change support to build healthy mental, emotional, and physical lifestyle habits.

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