I spent a good chunk of my life feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole at work. Though I tried my best to muster the kinds of externally-directed pizazz I saw my friends in sales exhibiting, I never felt like I could make the same degree of impact. Which was seriously frustrating for an upwardly mobile career woman in the marketing arena!

Most of all, I hated being in a situation where I had to give a direct sales pitch. And because this was an important part of my job, I always felt a huge amount of stress when I knew one was due.

But all of that started to change when I first casually browsed through my ph360 CAREER results. I wasn’t looking too deeply at first—I just couldn’t imagine how the information I entered about my health and family history, and my body’s measurements, could inform anything substantial. Boy was I wrong!

Reading my results felt like having someone recite my innermost thoughts and frustrations—many of which I’d never even been able to articulate prior to now. My CAREER dashboard said, in no unclear terms, that people of my body profile would tend to avoid imposing on others. Translation: It was highly unlikely I’d ever be a good fit for direct sales strategies! Whenever I forced myself to impose on others in these scenarios, it rarely went well.

ph360 also mentioned that I often underestimate task completion times, which I also admitted was 100% true. Maybe it’s the optimist in me, but I regularly assume that things will get done far faster than they really do.

I read in my ph360 Career results things that I’ve known about myself but didn’t want to admit. Now that I know these critical pieces of information about myself, I’ve made the decision to take action for the better. I know that the undue stress from aspects of my work that I dread is harmful to my health.

For now, that means delegating like my life depended on it—maintaining management of the project and its details, but letting people who thrive in pitching take over when necessary. I’ve also started making changes to give myself enough time to finish projects and create more accurate time completion estimates.

The sense of relief I feel when I sit down at my desk or walk into a meeting is incredible. I’m so grateful to have discovered these nuances of my professional self, and to have been given the tools to make changes for the better!

I’m telling all my friends—it’s amazing to learn what’s in their unique CAREER profiles. Find out what’s holding you back at work today on ph360.me.

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