We have all heard the saying that if you live your passion you’ll never work another day in your life. There are many benefits to loving what you do, and feeling like you don’t have to go to work. When you’re loving your day so much and doing what’s important to you,you are following your heart. But in addition to the benefits of feeling like you never have to work another day in your life, there are also great health benefits. Your mind is set up to enjoy certain activities more than others. This is due to the dominant neurotransmitters and hormones released in your brain and body. Your body naturally will make certain neurotransmitters and hormones more frequently than others. And this makes you better skilled for certain activities and it also activates specific areas of your brain more than other areas of your brain. This is why some people are good at tasks that require a lot of concentration, analysis, and calculating, while other people are good at rote tasks or repetitive, simple tasks. Thank goodness that we’re all good at different things.

When you can find what you enjoy doing, it actually benefits your overall health. When you’re dominant hormones and neurotransmitters are stimulated correctly, you enjoy a better mood, which makes your body have more energy, and this allows it to function better. As your body functions better, you will expend less energy resisting and compensating for your activities and you’ll use that energy for making new cells. You’ll be working with what’s natural to your body. As you have a better mood it, everything works better. It makes perfect sense to do what you love for many reasons, and your PH360 profile will tell you what your natural talents and tendencies are, as well as what careers and daily activities are going to stimulate you in a way that generates more health, a feeling of well-being and produces overall vitality.

Finding out your passion, if you don’t already know it, is worth the time and effort to discover, because your passion will bring you a better mood, a better waistline, more energy, more brain activity, a feeling of being alive, and more creativity. Everything about following your passion will benefit your mind, body and spirit. So what are you passionate about? What is it that you love to do so that you never felt like you worked another day in your life? There are some great resources that help us find our passion, such as book, videos and courses. Put some effort here and you will feel better from head to toe.

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