Mental Health: Employers and Entrepreneurs Desperately Seeking Solutions

After the onslaught of the pandemic and other worldly events, do holidays and vacations give us enough time for a full recharge of our mental and emotional batteries?

Desperate for Solutions

Advanced corporate wellness technology provider, ShaeWellness, has found the corporate marketplace is desperate for motivation, mental wellness tools, and effective solutions. “CEOs and HR Managers we are hearing from are just exhausted,” shares ShaeWellness President & Founder, Matt Riemann. “Corporate leaders are depleted and staff are deflated. Many businesses started 2021 and 2022 hoping the holiday break would be enough for staff to recharge, but between monitoring media for lock-downs, random COVID outbreaks, weather events, and managing kids all day, there hasn’t been a ‘break’ since 2020.”

“We hear it’s the lack of effective mental wellness support, energy-level plateaus, and basic engagement at work that’s causing major lapses in workplace momentum at the moment.” Riemann furthers. “Managers seeking us out are privately sharing they were at a loss of what to do – their staff needed extra support, and they just didn’t know where to find more relevant, helpful tools to support them. And this even begs the question – who’s helping these exhausted leaders right now?”

Beacon of Hope

What the global workforce needs right now is a healthy infusion of hope, a massive dose of optimism, and solid delivery of support. “During the height of COVID, we saw significant improvements reported in stress levels in 88% of our technology users. This was the inspiration for ‘ShaeWellness Healthiest Workplace Challenge’ offering – a team-based, socially-engaging, momentum-building 30 day corporate program proven to decrease biological stress. We’re literally giving businesses all the technology tools and help they need to revitalize the energy and team spirit we all need right now. Plus, with other companies competing for the title, there’s a bit of friendly competition thrown into the mix, too.”  

The Healthiest Workplace Challenge is a 30 day corporate mental wellbeing program that corporate teams can register to give leader’s answers, and give staff access to the most precise wellness technology. It’s time to empower healthy results into the DNA of the global economy.

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