Post 2020, the traditional work day will never be the same. 2020 took its toll with 92.6% of Australian employees reporting they are not thriving at work, according to results recently released from the Australian HR Institute’s 2020 Wellness Survey*. Long-standing Employee Health Programs claim to support mental and physical health, but are they effective, or even relevant, in today’s world?

What is your company prioritizing?

With advanced digital health and mobile A.I technology, smart business leaders are demanding smarter Employee Health Programming solutions with scalable, flexible, intelligent online solutions. ShaeWellness has seen some businesses procrastinate and deprioritize switching from generic, clunky, low-tech Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs, while seeming to ignore their climbing disease rates and declining wellness stats. 

In the middle of the pandemic last year, when stress levels were through the roof, the ShaeWellness advanced ai-health technology delivered remotely to governmental and private enterprise clients saw 88% of participants significantly reduce stress levels after only 30 days of use.


Health Support On-the-Go at Work, and at Home

No more waiting weeks for swab or saliva test results, technology is now available where mental and physical health assessments, with accuracy down to the DNA level, can happen anywhere; and a unique Mental and Physical Health Program relevant to work and home life delivered within seconds. With a network of over a thousand health professionals trained in personalized health and ShaeWellness technology, staff are supported by Health Professionals who are upskilled to offer more precise and effective prescriptions and interventions.

Businesses need to have an effective, immediate, relevant wellness plan in place for each and every individual, so they can support each individual’s unique and evolving stress factors, both at work and home.  Companies can’t procrastinate on sourcing effective technology and employee wellness solutions any longer. A viral pandemic is forcing businesses to actively seek out health technology solutions, and is not the time to ignore sky-high stress level and disease rate statistics using out-dated, generic, low-tech wellness programs. There are intuitive, simple-to-use solutions that are cost effective.

Healthy Fun for the Whole Work Team

To calm the chaos of this technological frenzy, ShaeWellness is supporting businesses to experience how easy it is to embrace the ease and effectiveness of ai-corporate wellness solutions offering an open and fun . It’s our way of helping businesses rally up their staff for healthy results with our proven technology, but also experience the power and simplicity of ai-technology solutions in a no risk, no obligation scenario. We’re doing what we can to support health at work. 


*Australian HR Institute – The Wellbeing Lab 2020 Workplace Report, “The State of Wellbeing in Australia’s Workforce”, 2020.

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