“R U <really> OK?” Day highlights the powerful impact a simple question can have on someone’s mental, emotional, social, and physical health. A simple act for someone to feel seen, heard, recognized, and valued. Why not do this…everyday?

Starting conversations are important. And what else can we do? What other ways can we help each other feel seen and cared for? 

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable initiating those conversations, or maybe you want to DO something beyond a chat. Whatever the reason, whether in lockdown or not, we want to support you! 

Our Community Cares

We recently took a poll inside of our Community where we talk about mental health a lot, and people are seen and heard for exactly who they are as a unique individual with unique needs and wants. So we’ve been asking our members to share about stress and mental wellbeing strategies they have found best works for them. Generic suggestions? No thanks!

We’re talking real input, about real life, from real people.

Never interested in generic suggestions, we’ve grouped the results into our precision wellness HealthType profiles. 

Don’t know your HealthType? Find out here…

We broke down the HealthType category results into two helpful sections to help you:

  1. What Someone Can Do For Me
  2. What I Do For Myself

What would you add? Send us a DM on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, or email us enquiries@shaewellness.com .

Take what you want, leave the rest. And SHARE with others! Your personalized cheat sheet for acts of kindness guaranteed to positively impact the health and wellbeing of your loved one, thanks to epigenetics and precision wellness!

How You Can Show You Care: Personalized Acts of Kindness Cheat Sheet

(Start by sharing this list with those who care! Or download the pdf here)

Sensors & Crusaders

What Someone Can Do For Me:

  • Phone call from a friend or a planned zoom chat with a group of friends
  • I’d love others to ask about what am I trying to achieve and what I’m doing about it
  • Hire a Cleaner to clean my house
  • Recommend a witty comedy show or movie
  • Tell me I did well in something
  • Acknowledgment that my contribution is meaningful and valuable

What I Do For Myself:

  • Yoga
  • I plan my day to be clear on what I am achieving each day and why
  • Prioritize achieving what I can control / influence within conditions – create predictable knowns for future
  • Clean the house
  • Watch a witty comedy show or movie
  • Share my accomplishments with someone I trust will be truly happy for me

Activators & Connectors:

What Someone Can Do For Me:

  • I need friends/family to call/FaceTime for a chat
  • Family to Family video call 
  • Team workout online
  • An easy to engage with quiz game
  • Make & deliver me a full 3 Course Meal
  • I need to go for walks outside to de-stress and get plenty of rest and nutritious food plus make sure I’m hydrated to have enough energy to parent and be in the best shape to regulate myself. 
  • Babysit
  • Check in with me so I have a chance to connect & verbalize but not me having to do it all the time – make me feel they care
  • Send me new home gym equipment oooo what a treat that would be!

What I Do For Myself:

  • Need a light cardio session in the morning to set my day up
  • Make sure I have plenty of snacks
  • Allow myself time with friends to express my frustrations
  • Allow myself to ask for help and support from others
  • Text and Zoom calls, 
  • Say hi and chat when walking past outside while keeping the distance
  • Studying what I am passionate about
  • Breathe, exercise, reach out to those in my network that I can help to continue to coach whilst in lockdown
  • I am making the most of it and prioritizing my health instead of everyone else’s
  • Taking laptop outside and working in the sun or actually sun-baking for an hour – puts me back in good mood
  • Get creative as a therapy and get creative with my movement

Guardian & Diplomats

What Someone Can Do For Me:

  • Contact from a friend who doesn’t judge my lifestyle choices
  • Cook meals for me
  • Send me flowers
  • Send plants, even fake ones!
  • Connection with others outside of the house – people reaching out to check in on me
  • Have inappropriate conversations until I laugh till my belly pops 
  • Help me make a plan in small chunks to get me to the big picture. Usually reverse engineering it is best way for me to chunk it down
  • I really need my daily walk which is in a country environment. Getting an hour and a half in most days
  • A confidant to vent to and friends checking in 
  • If anyone wants to send flowers or chocolate that would be good!
  • Find their own silver linings, look after their health, think bigger
  • I’d love for others to know that I’m here for them and to reach out if they need to. I’m never too busy to lend an ear for those who need to talk about what’s going on with them. As a Guardian, I understand my strength to be the rock my community needs right now
  • Have a hug and a chat

What I Do For Myself:

  • A long walk by myself in the bush
  • Have a space to retreat to in my house and ask for time out from family
  • Go for walks on my own
  • Do work or crafts that fits my genius and creativity needs
  • Love this community and support for each other 
  • I do need horse time which I’m getting lots of on a daily basis 
  • Still doing virtual business network meetings
  • Get out in my garden as much as possible
  • Walks where there are large trees
  • Going for a lunchtime walk with the dog and stepping away from the computer into the fresh air
  • I need to start reaching out a lot more, without feeling as though I’m intruding
  • Don’t worry if the FB live workouts are not perfect
  • I get to clean, tidy and organize and I get to have looong nature walks

We believe everyone wants to show they care, and this list just takes the guess work out of what will effectively support the health and wellbeing of those you care for at work and at home.

What’s your HealthType? What would you add?

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