Dial-in Your Surroundings:

Very small changes in your everyday surrounds can create a large impact on your productivity, mood, energy level and health. You have an opportunity to improve your life and upgrade how you feel by going room to room in your home and by reviewing your work place to fine-tune where you spend most of your time. Even your car can affect your vitality.

Take your bedroom first. The temperature that you sleep at, how dark the room is, how many electronics, such as alarm clocks, cell phone or wireless routers are present, and so much more can affect how well you sleep at night. Some things in your bedroom may be out of your control. Perhaps you live on a busy street with loud noises that can interrupt your slumber. The best you can do here is try to sound proof your room, add ambient noise or wear ear plugs. Most people will get the most REM sleep in a dark, quiet place. Electronics can cause a vibration that is similar to the beat of fast music, which also can impact your own rhythm that need to slow down to rest. Remove all electronic that you can from your bedroom. Is your bed comfortable, do you need a new pillow and the list goes on and on. A good night sleep is the first step to great productivity.

Next look at you work space. The lighting in your works space has a large impact on your productivity and how your work space should be lit has everything to do with what your goals are and what your brain preferences are. Many people will find that they are far more creative in a warm, low lit environment with calm music. Other will find themselves able to work faster to loud, fast paced music and bright lights. Some bodies need a warm temperature in order to have enough energy to keep work productivity high and not use a lot of energy to stay warm. Others need the opposite because their body doesn’t want to spend its energy to cool down. Some people find having fish or plants on their desk helps them be more creative, while others find a super clean work space keeps their mind sharp. Only you can decide what makes your work space work best for you. I read about one man who put a black fabric over his cubical so he could light it how he wanted and avoid the harsh overhead lights that frustrated his brain. Find what works for you and dial it in.

Your kitchen is another important place to get the details right. Can you find your spices with ease, your measuring cups and the cooking pans without causing yourself a lot of stress? If frequently used item are buried, or pans are in a huge pile stacked too high, or spices are stuffed into a cupboard and you have to pull everything out to find what you need, then you are burning precious resources that could be useful to make your cooking experience fun. Enjoying meal preparation is a valuable thing because in our fasted pace world it is too easy to grab pre-prepared food that is full of non-food additives that our body doesn’t know what to do with. If you love your kitchen then you will make more of your food from real ingredients and improve your health while you whistle and cook, or play your favorite Pandora Station.

Once you get your environment just right, everything can change, productivity, energy levels, mood and your fun factor. An amazing transformation can happen! Check your PH360 profile to see what is the best environment for you!

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