Sometimes, in the day to day workings of the world, we forget how it was to be passionate, excited & really loving what we’re doing. A great way to reignite your passion is to reflect on something that created that feeling for you – here’s an example:

Is there anything that you remember doing that you just loved when you were a child?

What was it about that activity that you enjoyed? Was is the company? The atmosphere, the weather, the activity, the sounds, smells or tastes?

One of my indulgences was miniature things – yes, I was a big Barbie fan and had a wonderful old bookcase with glass doors as a doll’s house. Each room was painted, there were posters on the bedroom walls, food in the fridge, even patterns on the dinner plates and hand-made books on the bookshelf. I would feel such satisfaction and joy in creating something beautiful to add to the house, even if it only ever just sat there!

So what was it that kept me so happy?

The key factors I can see today are a love for detail and beauty, creating and seeing a final product, and the satisfaction of providing something that could bring joy and happiness – even if it was to a static doll!

How does that translate to today? How do I reconnect with that passion and adoration I felt at the time? Simply by adding those elements into my daily life I can create that same whimsical feeling as way back then!

So how do I do it?

Beautiful things

I spend a lot of time with beautiful things – whether it is in nature, (seeing tiny birds hopping at my window yesterday was delightful!) or visiting art galleries or even stores that fill my senses with things that I find beautiful. You could say I’m one of the world’s best window shoppers – I just love to drink it all in!


I create time when I can focus on the detail. We all lead busy lives and I notice that when I don’t have time for the details, I become frustrated and feel like nothing is quite finished. When I do focus on the details I get a great sense of satisfaction once my task is complete – whether creating graphics, completing a bank reconciliation or even tidying a spreadsheet.


I will create a product every day! From throwing a meal together with whatever’s in the fridge, to creating a website or writing a book, my days are jam packed with creativity! Luckily I’ve made that part of my job!

Bringing Joy and Happiness

My passion is to inspire and empower people to find out what’s right for them through personalised health. Because once you understand what makes you tick – and how you tick best, there is only health and happiness to be found! I do that every day using PH360 as support!

So what is it that you loved to do as a child? Take a moment to reflect and see how you can incorporate all that passion you used to have into your everyday life today!

Bring back the passion! 🙂

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