Respectfully honoring ancient wisdom in modern corporate culture. Here’s a company doing it right. Yellow (formerly Yellow Pages) New Zealand delivers an inspiring approach to corporate culture, wellness, and customer experience by fulfilling and integrating the traditions of the Māori peoples for the New Zealand community. 

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people
Māori proverb

Spotlight Series Highlights

  • Māori Principles at Work
  • Benefits of Honoring Diversity & Inclusion
  • Aligning Healthy Employee Engagement, Wellbeing, and Community Culture

From employee experience-through to product and service delivery operations – through to customer experience, integrating and honoring the Māori wellbeing traditions into all company practices has seen an impressive (and inspiring) result.

The people first cultural orientation at Yellow NZ isn’t just lip service. Truly embodying “He tangata, he tangata, he tangata” – it anchors everything they do at Yellow.

Te Whare Tapa Whā refers to the four walls to the house being the foundation – physical health; mental and emotional health; spiritual health; and family and social health,” shares Jovita from the Yellow NZ Human First Team.

Watch the full video to see how Yellow authentically respects the full spectrum of health for each unique employee, empowered by ShaeWellness technology and teachings.

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