ShaeWellness Spotlight Series: Hoxton MPM

There are great businesses doing great things for their staff. Organizations that understand the connection between wellness and performance. Companies who are seeing actual results in their operations, are a direct result of health results employees’ are experiencing in their own lives.

Hoxton Medical Practices Management (MPM), based in Melbourne Australia, is one such company deserving to be highlighted.  

Video Reel Highlights

  • Current Employee Wellness Practices
  • Identified Gaps in their Approach
  • How Precision Wellness Information & Technology filled the Gaps
  • The Power of Language & Storytelling
  • Real Results
  • When Work IS Wellness

Hoxton MPM Managing Director, Dr David Williams, is also a Neuroscientist and part-time Professor at Monash University. Dr Williams joined ShaeWellness recently to share about the mental and physical health support in their health services practice. The nature of their business requires staff to manage discussions of illness and disease, which can take a mental, emotional, and physical toll on their staff. Hoxton MPM has indeed taken Employee Wellness seriously since Day One of their operations.

Dr Williams shares with ShaeWellness his impressions of the ShaeWellness approach and technology from his neuroscientist perspective and offers insight into what impressed him with precision wellness technology, and how other businesses would benefit from it.

Big Takeaway

Williams encourages all employers to consider a cultural shift at the very core of how you provide a workplace environment for your employees. If you provide a culture and environment, online and offline, where wellness activities are welcomed and intertwined with your staff’s day, then wellness becomes a part of work. Wellness and Work are one and the same. You don’t do one without the other. There is no one or the other. Your staff don’t burn themselves out, pushing themselves through, waiting for the next vacation or holiday.  Your staff participate in daily mental and physical activities, keeping them engaged, balanced, healthy, and thriving as part of their work day. They do their work, to do their wellness – what a shift!

Thank you, Dr Williams, for sharing your knowledge and insights with us. We’re thrilled to promote and partner with businesses such as Hoxton MPM who are dedicated to “walking the walk and talking the talk” when it comes to employee wellness and engagement. Thank you for leading by example!

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