In communications and business optimization fields, you frequently hear about concepts of “noise” vs “signal”. The noise is all the clutter occupying our minds, or clogging up your operations. The signal is the firework streaming across the sky. The signal cuts through the noise. It should draw your attention to something important. This is what creates clarity, direction, and purpose when you follow the signal, and leave the noise behind.

The most successful communication is this signal. 

The most abundant communication is the noise.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated, you’re probably focusing on the noise. It’s okay. It’s understandable. There’s a lot of noise out there. So, how can you shoot across the sky in full performance and movement, while leaving the confusing noise behind?

Simple “Supporting” Example:

Here’s an example from a conversation with an industry peer just the other day.  It was prompted by me asking them “How can I best support you with your feelings of overwhelm?”

As soon as I used the word “support”, I saw their body stiffen and eyes dart back and forth like an angry cat’s tail. I quickly recognized these signals of alert, and realized our two interpretations of what I meant by “support” were drastically different. 

I realized they were already listening to a lot of “noise” in their heads to be in a state of overwhelm. My use of the word “support” added to the noise. They interpreted “support” as emotional support; an uncomfortable topic for them, and for many others. I supported them in that moment by offering up a clear signal of support – suggesting practical actions and behavioral adjustments examples.

I soon felt them relax as they realized this was not an anxiety-inducing, noisy emotional outreach, but a practical discussion on tangible behaviors to inspire clarity for their mind, and action in their physical body. 

Noisy Outcome:

Their personal interpretation of the word “support” added a lot of noise in their already cluttered headspace. To offer meaningful support, I needed to have the mental, physical, and emotional clarity to not only distinguish the noise from the signal, but create a signal of clarity to cut through the noise and calm their mind.

This clarity helps me consistently perform and deliver my A-game as a supportive colleague, peer, leader, mentor, friend, partner, etc. Everyone needs support at some time, whether it is emotionally, physically, or mentally in our professional and personal lives.

Noise in Body and Mind:

If I wasn’t living my personalized health and epigenetic profile every day, I would not have the clarity to separate the noise from the signal.

Do you know what causes “noise” in our bodies and minds?  What brings clutter, confusion, or distraction?

Anxiety. Depression. Body aches and pains. Relationship stress. Brain fog. Sleep deprivation. Any thoughts or sensations of tension.

If it clogs up your mental, physical, and emotional clarity by taking up friction and bandwidth in your biology,  it’s noise.

 If I had major biological noise and distractions in my body and mind, I wouldn’t have the ability to optimize communication, strengthen mutual understanding, and bolster healthy relationship dynamics like I did in this interaction. This is why my personal health is critically important to my identity and who I wish to show up as each day.

It’s a Signal:

What noise is currently distracting your body and mind? What signals are your body and mind offering you? Are you paying attention to these signals?

Do you want clarity? Health? More colorful performance and momentum in ALL areas of your life – at work, and at home? The best way to get clarity on managing and preventing the overwhelm is minimizing the noise in your life. It’s by living your personalized health corporate wellness profile to fuel your body and mind’s current performance.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated, that’s a lot of noise. This is the signal you’ve been waiting for – live your profile, it offers you clarity and support for healthy results in all areas of life.

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