You’ve asked for it! Many of you have asked to learn more behind the technology and science of ShaeWellness, perhaps blissfully unaware how deep and complex this conversation can go. We could spend days if not months and years unpacking all the layers of science and technology, but after a couple of minutes, most enthusiasts quickly get the picture and turn glassy-eyed, with jaw-dropping wonder while we emphatically explain genotypes and phenotypes. So let’s keep it high level for those who are ready to explore a bit more…

Let’s wade into the ShaeWellness pool of Science + Tech + Human Wisdom…

Get ready for some science and tech geek speak! We promise no jargon, just lots of passion. There’s plenty more where this came from, so we hope this bite-size, amuse bouche portion is enough to digest and satisfy your hunger and appetite for more information.

The Humanity Behind the Technology 

To start, a combined 15 distinct science and medical fields of knowledge make up the meta-science intelligence of the ShaeWellness technology. Passionate technology pioneering humans have been encoding this data inside the ShaeWellness online platform and mobile app’s algorithms for over 20 years and have identified, for the first time in human history, key physical body markers on the outside which identify health needs on the inside.

Using the current physical, mental, and lifestyle information the user provides as they complete their profile questionnaire, the  ShaeWellness technology crunches this data to identify the user’s unique health needs down to the DNA level

No out-dated genetic or DNA testing required. The advanced ShaeWellness technology has out-paced the swab and bodily-fluid testing methods requiring weeks (and sometimes months!) of wait-time for report results. Once the “Submit” button is pressed, a thoroughly customized Work/Life Wellbeing Program is delivered in seconds. To date, no two profiles are the same with the technology being used by the hundreds of thousands in over 120 countries.

This integrated medical and health methodology used by ShaeWellness technology is referred to as “Epigenetics.” Epigenetics addresses ALL factors of holistic health: Physical, Social, Cognitive and Environmental information to empower individuals with relevant lifestyle support for a fully balanced ecosystem of health in their unique daily lives.

Want to take a deeper dive into the impressive ocean of Epigenetics?

Epigenetics has the capability of comprehensively analyzing our health from the macro level, our physical body and what we do with it on a daily basis, down to the micro even nano level – our DNA level. For example – eye colour, hair texture, even finger length give the technology a lot of insight into your genes.

“The DNA level is where the ‘genetics’ part comes in.” explains Epigenetics Health Scientist and ShaeWellness President, Matt Riemann. 

“The ‘Epi’ in ‘Epi-genetics’ is latin for ‘upon’ or ‘over’. A similar word we are all too familiar with these days is ‘Epi-demic’: a widespread disease that comes upon, or has influence over, people.” Riemann further explains. “Epigenetics assesses all factors that have influence over the health of our DNA or genes.”

“Your DNA determines your mental and physical state of health and risk of disease. Many of us are pre-programmed to be susceptible to certain diseases because of our DNA, but using the science of Epigenetics, we can identify the DNA marker AND identify what someone can do in their daily life using daily habits to deactivate their disease-risk genes, and activate the healthy genes.” explains the Health Scientist.  

“By giving someone an Epigenetics Work/Life Wellness Program outlining their unique DNA-driven health requirements, we can give them information to empower them in balancing their own biology to achieve optimal health every day.”

This is simply called ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ – daily habits and practices each of us can participate in that we now know have a big impact on our overall short term and long term health.

Where Humanity, Technology, and Science Meet For Good

ShaeWellness is a strong and proud supporter of the #Tech4Good movement – using technology for transformative, supportive, and empowering social impact to improve the human condition and our global ecosystem.

If you’re keen to experience the power of Epigenetics for you and your corporate team, contact us for a no obligation chat to learn more.

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