After only 10 Days, staff from an Australian Federal Government department lost 45kgs and 42 cms off their waists using a Personalized Health Protocol with AI-technology. Scattered across the nation, the team of Australian Government workers participated in the 10 Day Personal Health Program with encouraging results in mental, emotional, and physical health scores, many reporting benefits after only three days.

Real Results

“It’s not only about the information each user receives in their customized program,” explains the Personalized Health technology’s Founder, Matt Riemann. “We all know what we should do to be healthy, but it’s actually doing it that’s the issue. In the personalized programming, we match each person to the most helpful support channels identified by their biology and brain needs. The channels are organized into different behavior change and motivation approaches according to different psychological, physiological, and biological needs.”

Scientifically-identified Behavior Change Channels

“Cognitive sciences have discovered different brains process feelings of satisfaction and motivation in different ways. It’s like ‘Love Languages’ but for healthy habit building and behavior change support.” explains the Corporate Wellness Expert. “We train each of our Health and Medical Professionals in this evidence-based methodology to improve communication, rapport, and results with their clients.” furthers Riemann. “And the results speak for themselves.”

“Each one of the government workers received a variety of personalized support channels relevant specifically to each of them. All of our Health Coaches and Medical Professionals are trained to speak the support ‘love language’ of the client for human-to-human interactions; and the intelligent technology delivers engagement touchpoints such as app notifications with language, timing, and topical check-ins. The human engagement and technology interaction stay consistent with the unique support needs of the client across all channels.” Riemann shares. 

“This is an example of our foundational principle of our involvement in the #Tech4Good movement – we are here to use AI-technology to support people to live their healthiest and happiest lives online and offline.”

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