Regional Head of Private Wealth at Westpac Bank, Zoe Brinsden, is no stranger to witnessing burn-out in the financial sector. As a leader, how can you support a diverse team with their unique physical and mental health?

ShaeWellness Spotlight Series: Westpac Private Wealth


The ShaeWellness Spotlight Series highlights organizations who are leading the way in integrating full-scale precision corporate wellness into their culture and daily operations. Companies who are walking the walk AND talking the talk. Westpac Private Wealth is leading the pack and adding important context to the diversity conversation in their culture.


  • Navigating high pressure industry demands
  • Recognizing and embracing difference
  • Honoring the variety of thinking styles, operating rhythms, energy levels 
  • Educating on Healthy Leadership and Leadership Health
  • Effectively Leading Leaders

By integrating personalized health and epigentics at Westpac Private Wealth, the personal, teammate, and cultural awarenesses have created unprecedented shifts for the Westpac Private Wealth team. Team Leader, Zoe, witnessed her team members go on a personal health journey to understand their biological needs to recognize how those tendencies play out in their operating rhythms, energy levels, and neurological responses to stress, lack of sleep, and other health factors. These biologically-driven behaviors impacting how they think, how they show up to lead, how they interact, and how they work as a leadership team.

As a leader, having a “cheat sheet” on each team member to understand their unique cognitive operating rhythms, working styles, undulating energy levels, and social needs opens up opportunities of meaningful support not as a therapist, but as a human being.

Big Takeaway

Diversity is a conversation that goes far beyond gender, cultures, and other such mainstream topics. There’s neurodiversity which helps leaders understand how their team will naturally process information. When a leader can understand the most effective way to input information, the outputs from their team come from optimal performance, team coherence, and flow. 

The Shae technology succinctly identifies these needs for each employee to bring clarity on biological tendencies and important needs for self awareness, while simultaneously empowering team mates and leaders with interpersonal and team performance insights to understand the natural neurological needs, natural gifts and talents, and operating rhythms of each team mate.

The health of your leaders determines their healthy leadership. As Westpac Private Wealth demonstrates, health is wealth, after all.

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