A ‘Culture’ is a collective set of values, beliefs, and behavioral practices collectively agreed upon by all individuals in a group. 

A ‘Culture’  provides clarity on what is, and what isn’t acceptable inside the group.

Examples of ‘Cultures’ include country identity – like “Australian”, or health movements such as Crossfit, or veganism, or religions, or Apple fans, or Instagram users! #iykyk 

A ‘Culture’ also reinforces connection and acceptance of the group, so no one feels left out or abandoned. It provides clarity on boundaries, so individuals are clear on what factors to consider when making a decision.

Of course, there is also “Corporate Culture. “Corporate Culture” provides a mental and behavioural structure and framework from which employees can use as a reference point to put their mind at ease around making choices that are acceptable and supported by the group (aka the organization).

A clearly articulated culture is a reference point for individuals – when it’s clear, it minimizes anxiety of not knowing what is, or is not, acceptable. When it is vague, it can cause anxiety or stress when an employee does not feel informed on how best to act or make a decision for the best interest of the group.

A corporate culture offers clarity on what the company sees as motivating factors, or drivers of performance to inspire and direct staff members.  Having unclear boundaries or a vague corporate culture can cause anxiety or stress because the employee does not have clarity on how to best  support the company’s interests.

Furthermore, having a well-known corporate culture puts company activities and decisions in context for people for ease of understanding. Employees understand the values driving company decisions to uphold the integrity of those values within the organization and its practices.

This is why a clear corporate culture is important to an employees’ mental health and overall wellness, and overall productivity and performance. Do you have clarity on your company culture? Why or why not? How could you build or grow the clarity your company needs to ensure each staff member is aware and empowered in your company culture?

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